• Host a Review Program

    Host a Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) and/or Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) review program at your organization for your workforce.

    Who to Invite

    Who to Invite

    You can invite anyone at your organization to attend the technical certification review program. This program is especially beneficial for anyone preparing to take the CMfgT or CMfgE certification exam. Not only does passing the exam result in a professional certification credential, it is a valuable tool to assess the current manufacturing knowledge of your workforce.


    The review program can be held in a classroom/face-to-face setting or via a webcast. A review program can be organized to prepare individuals to take one or both certification exams. You can also schedule for the examinations to take place after the review program concludes or at a later date.


    Our team will work with you to schedule the program with our experienced facilitator.


    To request a proposal, email info@toolingu.com.

    The cost to bring a review program to your organization is based on your specific needs. We can customize a solution and develop a competitive proposal to get you started.


    The duration of the program is up to your organization. Face-to-face programs have been held for two to three days while virtual programs have been spread out over eight or more weeks. 

    The Exam

    After the review program, your organization can schedule a proctored sitting of the certification exam(s) for your workforce. The exam(s) can take place immediately following the review program, or at a later date to allow additional time to process the information presented during the review program and study for the exam.


    Once an individual applies to take the CMfgT and CMfgE certification exams, they have one year in which to schedule and take the exam. The exam is offered in paper/pencil and online formats. The exam is open book(s) and open notes.


    If you would like to schedule a proctored exam at your organization, please submit a Proctor Form and Agreement along with your list of examinees two weeks prior to the exam date. The exam proctor can be someone at your organization in a management role (i.e., human resources manager) and who is not taking the exam.


    Exam results provide you with a group score report so you can evaluate how participants in your workforce performed in each topic area of the exam.

  • Resources

    SME’s certification team is here to help your organization with a successful review program. We will provide you with the materials and resources for candidates preparing to take the exam. Additional information is available at sme.org/prepare, including:


    A complete list of individuals registering to take the exam, along with a completed application form per person, must be submitted.

    Your registration list and application forms can be submitted by email to certification@sme.org or by fax to 313.425.3404.

    Recommended Reading

    These recommended reading materials can be purchased individually or be included as a part of your proposal.

    Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition, by Philip D. Rufe, CMfgE, is the recommended review book for the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) and Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) exams.


    The Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook and the free downloadable Solutions Manual is an essential tool for studying for the exams and determining where further work is needed. It contains 325 questions and solutions weighted according to the Body of Knowledge.


    Additional review books include:


    Participants can save 10% when the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Book and Workbook Package is purchased.


    Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook, Fundamentals of Tool Design, and Manufacturing Processes and Materials are available in eBook and eChapter formats. The eBook format may be brought to the exam. For online exams, the eBook(s)/eChapter(s) must be on a different device than the device on which participants are taking the exam.

    Competency Model

    The competency model helps identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities one should have to achieve a CMfgT and/or CMfgE certification.

  • Contact


    If you have questions about bringing the certification review program and/or exam to your company, please email info@toolingu.com or call 866.706.8665.


    You can also reach the SME Certification team at certification@sme.org or call 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000.